Formal Photography

Our formal photography gives you great quality photos delivered and mounted on the night. 

We like to think we go a bit further with formal photography to make it a great experience for everyone. Our set up includes a photographer and an assistant so we can photograph, edit, and print you photos within minutes.

One draw back to conventional formal photography is that you are limited to having small groups in your photo, otherwise you see the edge of the background. We don't think that looks too good, so we composite multiple group images if you want a photo of big groups!

This is how it works:

We break your big group into a few small groups. Then while you're dancing or enjoying your meal, we stitch them together on the computer and print you off some great photos of your big group of friends!

There are no fees up front if you want to book formal photography services. If you want more info or would like to book please get in contact.

Want a photo booth too? No worries!

Why have one or the other? We can start the evening taking posed formal photos and then change it over to an awesome photo booth that will be there until the end of the night!